Understanding your horse's behaviour is the best way to handle tricky situations ... and when you super-charge this with your own personal growth, your horse human connection will transform to a whole new level!

  • Learn everything you need to know about the foundation of every horse human connection!

  • Start building trust and create safety with your horse in a way that eliminates most problems!

  • Become a more confident and grounded horse owner, no matter which situation you and your horse face together!

Course Content

  • 1

    Hello, friend.

    • Welcome!

    • How to Navigate this Course

    • Welcome Call pt. 1

    • Welcome Call pt. 2

    • Welcome Call pt. 3

    • Welcome Call pt. 4

  • 2

    Module 1: Chaos

    • Introduction to Module 1

    • Understanding the Horse Human Connection

    • The Nature of Horses

    • Horse Psychology & Communication

    • Group Perception

    • The Nervous System

    • Story Follows State

    • Co-Regulation

    • Building Empathy & Mutual Consideration

    • Exercises

    • CC - Module 1 - Chaos - Slides

    • Q&A Call pt. 1

    • Q&A Call pt. 2

    • Q&A Call pt. 3

    • Q&A Call pt. 4

    • Q&A Call pt. 5

    • Q&A Call pt. 6

  • 3

    Module 2: Clarity

    • Self Awareness and Personal Transformation

    • Reflecting on Personal Beliefs and Values

    • Values & Horsemanship

    • Addressing Limiting Beliefs

    • Emotional Intelligence pt. 1

    • Emotional Intelligence pt. 2

    • Emotion Regulation Techniques

    • Empathy & Understanding Horses' Emotions

    • Mindfulness & Intuition pt. 1

    • Mindfulness & Intuition pt. 2

    • Exercises

    • CC - Module 2 - Clarity - Slides

    • Q&A Call pt. 1

    • Q&A Call pt. 2

    • Q&A Call pt. 3

    • Q&A Call pt. 4

    • Q&A Call pt. 5

  • 4

    Module 3: Isolation

    • Are we separate?

    • Are we separate - Example Fear

    • Building Trust & Connection pt. 1

    • Challenges in Building Trust

    • Building Trust & Connection pt. 2

    • Mirror Neurons

    • Conscious Exercise pt. 1

    • Conscious Exercise pt. 2

    • Conscious Exercise pt. 3

    • The 4 Survival Responses pt. 1

    • The 4 Survival Responses pt. 2

    • Reflections

    • Exercises

    • CC - Module 3 - Isolation - Slides

    • Q&A Call pt. 1

    • Q&A Call pt. 2

    • Q&A Call pt. 3

    • Q&A Call pt. 4

    • Q&A Call pt. 5

    • Q&A Call pt. 6

  • 5

    Module 4: Connection

    • Connection? pt. 1

    • Connection? pt. 2

    • Connection vs. Compliance

    • Tolerance - Intolerance

    • The Concept of Understanding pt. 1

    • The Concept of Understanding pt. 2

    • Compassion

    • Holistic Connection pt. 1

    • Holistic Connection pt. 2

    • Celebrate Your Progress

    • Exercises

    • Bee - Full Circle Moment pt. 1

    • Bee - Full Circle Moment pt. 2

    • Bee - Full Circle Moment pt. 3

    • Bee - Full Circle Moment pt. 4

    • Exercises

    • CC - Module 4 - Connection - Slides

  • 6

    BONUS The Holistic Training Approach

    • Rubio Day 1

    • Rubio Day 2

    • Rubio Day 3 pt. 1

    • Rubio Day 3 pt. 2

  • 7

    Bonus Material

    • BONUS Guide >5 Steps to Transform your Horse Human Connection< ✨

    • Your Complete Course Workbook

  • 8

    Before you go..

    • Before you go..

Are you ready to be the owner your horse needs?

I've seen so many horse owners doubting themselves with their horse and giving their power away to someone else, resulting in chaos and isolation. I don't want that for you - I want you to fully trust yourself and enjoy spending time with your horse. No more second guessing!

Clarity & Connection is designed to teach you the knowledge and strategies that today's conscious horse owners are using to understand equine behaviour, make sure their horses are physically, mentally and emotionally sound and connect with them on a soul level.

This programme is designed for a time span of 4 weeks and uses a mix of live calls, pre-recorded videos, audio and exercises to transform your horse human connection. You have lifetime access to all content within your membership area of this course platform. 

All content is available for self study, with the next live round in Q1/24.

This is for you, if you are tired of the pre-fabricated solutions in which horses merely have to function or will be pushed into learned helplessness and instead wish to really connect with your horse, whilst learning about horsemanship beyond the standard training situations.

This is for you, if you are excited to head on a journey with your horse, where you never stop learning and growing together, no matter what obstacles come in your way.

Why you can no longer afford to ignore change in the equine world

  • How many horses do you know who "pretend"? (Spoiler: none!) Problems are our opportunities to seek truth! So let's go and find it!
  • Overwhelm is not your natural state, so you have the power to change that now. Contrary to common belief, you don't have to do this alone!
  • Instead of working on some random symptoms, we can go straight to the root cause of the roadblocks you face, always working with your horse. Always considering their Nervous System and current emotional state.
  • Deepening the connection to your horse is not just a "nice thing" to have, it can be the foundation of every interaction, which will ultimately lead to better results (no matter the task or discipline).

What students and clients say

Steffi really helped me be more confident with what I was doing

Clare & Cyrus

Building connection and relationships with our horses is a journey, with ups and downs (mainly ups of course), and constantly worrying whether we’re doing it right. Well, that’s the case for me! Steffi really helped me be more confident with what I was doing. Her empathetic, knowledgeable, horse first approach really called out to me. After chatting things through I felt more confident to do what I felt was right. And low and behold, progress. Thanks Steffi!

I didn't know I was able to tune into my emotions whilst also interacting with horses [...] but it changed everything

Svea & Cosi

"I grew up with horses, but the way I looked at them started to change when I met Steffi. I learned how to perceive them holistically – which to me means being able to see their emotional and physical needs clearly, whilst also questioning myself in this context. It helped me to observe Steffi and the way she is showing up for and with her horses and the way she treats them. Her clarity with her own horses was something I was able to take and use for myself. I didn't know I was able to tune into my emotions whilst also interacting with horses. That never used to be an option before, but it changed everything. Steffi always looks at each individual horse in a holistic way, where ego plays no role. She is great at finding out who the horse is, what they need, where they are at in their own unique system and what else is part of that. She has this meta view on the horse and then she looks at the human and asks those same questions in order to bring them together on a much deeper level."

Luxi has become much more confident in training now and loves to work with me

Jasmin & Luxi

Luxi was trained by Steffi for 8 weeks. Her loving and respectful treatment was great and very important to me. She responded completely to him and was able to teach him how to be ridden - all at his own pace. She taught me to listen to Luxi and how to work with him. I thought it was so great that I was allowed to be there at any time and could work with her or just even watch her train him. He has become much more confident in training now and loves to work with me.

Steffi took the time to actively listen and understand their history and I could feel that she genuinely cared for us


I received online counseling from Steffi yesterday. I am about to bring a new horse in my herd and felt that I needed an external point of view from a qualified professional to ensure I make the right decisions and follow the right steps. Three of my five horses are rescued with a very traumatic past so it is an absolute priority to protect the peace and harmony of the herd. Steffi took the time to actively listen and understand their history and I could feel that she genuinely cared for us. She answered all my questions and provided valuable insight to support me through this exciting but delicate process. I felt seen and understood by her which is exactly what I needed. I would highly recommend reaching out to her for tailored and professional support in your horsemanship journey. On top of her knowledge, her kindness was very appreciated. Thank you Steffi!

"How much does Clarity & Connection cost?"

You might think the "find-out-yourself" route is cheaper. Which is fair enough!

What you might not take into account is how slow, ineffective and frustrating that can be. Especially with two individuals (you AND your horse) in this process.

Or worse, the real cost of yet another training that teaches your horse to be compliant or even pushes them into learned helplessness: loss of trust and connection.

If you're like me, you want to experience everything with your horse yourself - and you want to go deep!

This is your chance to learn with me how to transform your horse human connection. Are you in?

Your Investment

Access to over 30 Lessons in a total of 4 Modules, Lifetime Access to all Programme Content, Access to the Members Only Community and automatic access to each Live Round of Clarity & Connection - once you're in, you're in! :)

Bonus Material

Exclusive to Clarity & Connection

  • Course Workbook

    Your course workbook will summarise everything we've covered within Clarity & Connection, so you do not have to worry about forgetting the pieces important to you.

  • Exclusive Community

    You are not alone! Exchange thoughts with likeminded horse owners who are alongside you on this journey. This in itself brings so much value and opportunity for deep dives.

  • Bonus Content

    Additional content that supports you on this journey will be added to your modules as we go along in the programme. This is specifically crafted to deepen your experience.

Meet Your Guide

MSc Equine Science

Steffi Spielhaupter

Hi, I'm Steffi. I'm an Equine Scientist (MSc) and Equine Therapist (ESMT) and I am happiest when I support you on your individual journey of conscious horse-human connection & personal growth. I love working with the fine nuances of your horse's soundness (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states) and helping you distinguish between them, always considering the health of your horse's nervous system in the process. I'm so excited you're here! Let's do this! :)