Course curriculum

  • 1

    Day 1 - Without

    • Intro 1

    • Intro 2

    • Family, Friends, Direct Environment 1

    • Family, Friends, Direct Environment 2

    • The Equine Industry

    • Staying Present - Exercise

    • Equine Husbandry 1

    • Equine Husbandry 2

    • Equine Husbandry / Feeding Regimes 1

    • Equine Husbandry / Feeding Regimes 2

    • Social Contact

    • Care

    • Equipment & Traditional Thinking

    • Beliefs

    • Exercise - Noting

    • Exercise - Visualisation

  • 2

    Day 2 - Within

    • Personal Note

    • How are you, really?

    • Unique Gifts, Skills, Knowledge

    • Rules

    • Energy Levels

    • Relationships, Communication/Attachment Styles

    • Emotions

    • Emotions - Example

    • Which role do they play?

    • Your Horse's Experience

    • Different Horse, Different Training?

    • Emotional Health

    • Exercise - Witnessing Emotions

    • Which part does your horse mirror?

    • Positive Horse Human Connection?

    • Exercise - Body Scan

  • 3

    Day 3 - Your Horse

    • Intro

    • Flight Animal

    • Leading by Example

    • Nervous System Regulation

    • Holding Space & Reflection

    • Weaving your essence into your goals

    • Visualisation Prep

    • Visualisation - The Essence of you and your horse

    • Closing Thoughts

  • 4

    Day 4 - Your Self

    • Intro

    • Regulation 1

    • Regulation 2

    • Witnessing

    • Authenticity / Integrity

    • Exercise Prep

    • Exercise - Resource Tree

  • 5

    Day 5 - Your Future

    • Intro

    • Wheel of Life - Exercise

    • Goal Setting Exercise pt. 1

    • Goal Setting Exercise pt. 2

    • Goal Setting Exercise pt. 3

    • What's Next?

    • PDF Template - Wheel of Life

Why Flow vs. Force?

The thought for this workshop was born back in 2019, when I realised that the equine world has many "how to" rules and guidelines to offer, which more than often ignore the horse and owner's individuality.

When we are in a flow state ourselves, everything becomes easy. When we have the ability to extend this flow state to the time we spend with our horses, we have the chance to experience something truly magical.

However, if we truly look at our status quo we may also detect some areas in which we experience quite the opposite: force. This could be a stressful stable environment, the fact that we do not trust ourselves or that we are surrounded by people who wish for us to mould our horses into something they are not - all of which feels "off". Even though we sometimes may not be able to pinpoint what exactly it is, our body and gut instinct know.

With this workshop I am hoping to give you an overview on each area, so you can tune into yourself and find out where you are in flow vs. force.

The replay will be available to you for life once you purchase.

If you join the Inner Circle, Flow vs. Force will automatically be part of your bundle and you can make the most of our Inner Circle Community, exchanging thoughts and ideas with like-minded horse owners and enthusiasts.

Join this 5-Day Workshop

Flow vs. Force is designed for us to dive into all major aspects around horsemanship, including your horse, your self, your inner world as well as your environment. Together we will cast a vision of what your horsey year 2024 could look like, set some goals and create space for what's really important: your horse-human connection.


  • Will I miss content if I can't attend each day?

    Having live calls is always fun, but don't worry if you cannot make it! All of our calls will be recorded, edited and uploaded for you to view in your own time.

  • How long will I have access for?

    Purchase once and have lifetime access for as long as Science for Soundness exists.

  • Will I get access to any other of your programmes when I purchase this?

    I am afraid not. The price you pay is solely for this workshop. However, if you wish to dive into the world of Science for Soundness, you always have the option to join the Inner Circle Membership. Within the membership you get access to ALL of my programmes.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Seen as this workshop is created live and will be uploaded for you afterwards I am afraid we cannot offer refunds. I am preparing our calls and make the time to show up live for and with you, so I ask that you try and do the same. You won't regret it! :)

  • Do I have to do the whole thing?

    You are a free spirit and I will not force you to do anything (pun intended!). If you choose not to do the whole workshop with or without us that is totally fine with me! I always encourage self-responsibility! :)

  • How long will this programme be?

    We are meeting 5 days in a row, for 1.5-2hrs each day, after which you can check back in to repeat content as often as you wish!

Meet Your Guide

MSc Equine Science

Steffi Spielhaupter

Hi, I'm Steffi. I'm an Equine Scientist (MSc) and Equine Therapist (ESMT) and I am happiest when I support you on your individual journey of conscious horse-human connection & personal growth. I love working with the fine nuances of your horse's soundness (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states) and helping you distinguish between them, always considering the health of your horse's nervous system in the process. I'm so excited you're here! Let's do this! :)