Why Rauhnächte?

This Journal is designed to guide you through Rauhnächte/Twelve Nights, entirely at your own pace.

Print it off or simply copy all questions and use your own journal, the focus is on you and your horse human connection. 

Celebrating Reflection, Connection and New Beginnings.

Rauhnächte, translates as "Twelve Nights" or "Wild Nights" are a beautiful and ancient tradition that embraces the magic and mystery of the transition between the old year and the new.

Rooted in various European cultures, particularly Germanic traditions, these nights typically span from December 25th to January 6th. 

Rather than focusing on fear or superstition, let's explore the uplifting, peaceful and mindful aspects of this enchanting tradition.

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Meet Your Guide

MSc Equine Science

Steffi Spielhaupter

Hi, my name is Steffi. I'm an Equine Scientist (MSc) and Equine Therapist (ESMT) and I am happiest when I support you on your individual journey of conscious horse-human connection and personal growth. I love working with the fine nuances of your horse's soundness (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states) and helping you distinguish between them, always considering the health of your horse's nervous system in the process. Soundness, to me, is not just a word to describe a healthy and balanced horse, it is a way of living and interacting. The practical implementation of all knowledge starts with you and I'm so excited you're here! :)