Why should you train your eye?

Noticing the subtle nuances of your horse's emotional states is important to be able to best support them. Rather than judging your horse's behaviour, you will learn to understand and connect with them on a much deeper level.

  • Learn to differentiate between fight, flight, freeze, fawn or states such as dissociation

  • Support your horse best in any given situation

  • Tune into your horse's body language

  • Connect with your horse on a much deeper level

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    Know Your Horse

    • Know Your Horse

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    • 1 Train Your Eye with Ravi

    • 1 Ravi Answers

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    • 1 Train Your Eye with Rubio

    • 1 Rubio Answers

    • 2 Train Your Eye with Rubio

    • 2 Rubio Answers

    • 3 Train Your Eye with Rubio

    • 3 Rubio Answers

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    • 1 Train Your Eye with Onyx

    • 1 Onyx Answers

    • 2 Onyx Dissociation vs. Relaxation

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    • Lilly Lunging Session

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    • Bee Ground Work

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    • Train Your Eye with Gunner

    • Gunner Answers

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    • 1 Train Your Eye with Lord

    • 1 Lord Answers

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    • 1 Train Your Eye with Mimi

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    • 1 Train Your Eye with Penny

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Learn to differentiate the subtle little nuances!

Why the subtle nuances? Because your horse is able to shift in and out of emotional states just like you are.

The more you learn to understand and read their facial and body expressions, the easier you can support them in tricky situations and co-regulate them.

This is a free offer, based on my series Train Your Eye on Instagram. The Thinkific Portal offers you the chance to re-watch videos, slow them down to analyse better and have everything in a concise format.

I am so glad you're here! 🤍

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Train Your Eye

Learn to read your horse's facial and body expression and find out which emotional state they are in

Meet Your Guide

MSc Equine Science

Steffi Spielhaupter

Hi, I'm Steffi. I'm an Equine Scientist (MSc) and Equine Therapist (ESMT) and I am happiest when I support you on your individual journey of conscious horse-human connection & personal growth. I love working with the fine nuances of your horse's soundness (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states) and helping you distinguish between them, always considering the health of your horse's nervous system in the process. I'm so excited you're here! Let's do this! :)